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Nocona Public Library

Supporting Your Library

How to get involved!


Use It!

Apply for a card, check out books, request books, sign up for events.  And take advantage of all the services that we offer the community.  It's one of the easiest ways to support your local library!


You, yes you, can volunteer at your local library.  Volunteers help libraries keep costs down and serve the community better; contact us to see what we need help with.  This goes double if you have a special skill that could benefit the library in some way.


If you are short on time to volunteer... donating money to your local library is one way of supporting it.  Even if it's pocket time it will add up!  Donating books, DVDs and audio books is also another great way to help your library out. 

Friends Of The Library

Join your local Friends of the Library.  They work with the library to help do many wonderful things for it that funding doesn't cover.  Check with the library to see when the "Friends" meet and how you might become a member

Shop At The Library

Did you know your local library always has a "FOR SALE" table?  Support your local library during their yearly book sales.  Everyone benefits....and it's a win-win situation!

Be A Loud And Enthusiastic Library Lover

To best support your local library, talk to EVERYONE about the library.  Instagram and Facebook your book stacks.  Remind everyone that the library is extremely excellent and it's a great way to spend the afternoon!

Join Or Attend A Book Club

Book clubs are a great way to get involved in local literary community.  Check to see what options are offered by age group, genre or different factors.  If you don't see anything of interest...start your own!  If you are already a member of a book club ask to meet at the library instead.   Many libraries count on the number of people who come in even if they don't check out books.  Boosting these numbers is a simple but great way to prove people still use your local library and can help with the funding it receives.

Teach A Class

Other ways to volunteer is ask about classes that are offered.  If you have a specialized knowledge or expertise in a certain skill,  talk to your librarians about teaching a class.  Many free classes can be given at our local library for all ages!

Get Involved In Local Politics

Sometimes no matter how much you use and support your local library it still doesn't seem like it's enough!  Budgets get cut, books get censored, and it often feels like we are powerless to stop it. But you don't have to run for a political office to have your say in what is happening in your local library and community.  City council meetings are a great way to show your support and concerns for your library and it's future.  Attend a meeting and let them know the library has your support and answer any questions you might have!